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Thank you for your interest in the Boise Pathways Master Plan. The last day to give input on this platform was July 30, 2021. You are welcome to scroll down to explore the goals of the plan, how projects are being prioritized, and the proposed pathway network. If you would like to receive updates in the future about this plan, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to leave your name and email. Thanks!

Goals of the Plan

The goals below drive the final recommendations of this plan and will guide future investments.

Potential Priority Projects

Which pathways should the City invest in first? The City developed a strategy to help prioritize the over 150 newly proposed pathways. Each proposed pathway segment was evaluated based on certain criteria related to the goals above.

The outcomes of this evaluation process resulted in a ranked list of top projects. The top 30 projects are highlighted in yellow in the map below. However, the evaluation process is not complete, and results are subject to change based on additional evaluation criteria including public support, engineering feasibility, and partner support.

Interactive Map

The map below illustrates a draft network of proposed pathways. Please explore the recommendations! 

The Top 30 projects are highlighted in yellow. Of these 30 projects, we want to know what your Top 5 priorities are. Note that top priority projects are subject to change. 

Some proposed pathways will require working with property owners, irrigation districts, or other stakeholders. Each specific segment will be evaluated to address unique safety, operations, or privacy needs.

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Boise Pathways Master Plan Timeline

The Boise Pathways Master Plan is slated for completion by August 2021. Timing for implementing the pathway recommendations from this plan is yet to be determined, as funding for pathway design and construction has not yet been secured

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